Why No Home Delivery?

Date: April 25, 2011Category: DevgadMango Updates

This season is the first time we came online to connect with Alphonso lovers and get authentic Alphonso across to them. Home Delivery of Alphonso was our plan right from the start, along with this initiative. However, we faced some limitations, which is why we are not in a position to give home deliveries this season. We are sorry for that. We had to take that decision just two days ago.

Alphonso needs a certain care in the delivery process and we do not have our own people in the cities to ensure this care is taken. We had contacted some agencies who promised us deliveries. We tried them with dummy orders sent to people we knew to check their service. We were unhappy with the services we got. There were cases of mangoes being changed from the boxes, or the boxes were not handled well, and even issues in money collection.

The time was short and we had to make some arrangements quick. But it was really not possible to go ahead with the people we got in the cities for delivery. We have not been able to try out all people yet with the time restriction. We were able to get a pick-up centre in Mumbai at Girgaum, but had no time in hand to get and set up centres in other parts.

Dear patrons, you have supported us in our endeavor and given us confidence in our initiative. We request you to bear with us for this year and we promise a grand arrangement next year. Please be with us!

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