Please Give Your Feedback!

Date: May 8, 2011Category: DevgadMango Updates

We had sent our first consignment of 1000 dozens to Pune on 30th April, and all were taken away by 2nd May. Many people who came to collect their order, ended up taking more along or came back later to collect more. Some who had placed orders did not come to collect even after getting the email, SMS and/or calls from our side. We have classified such people and we will not process any orders from them henceforth unless they make an advance payment. Some came in without placing orders, and we did our best we could to provide them the fruit they needed.

We opened orders for the second and last time on May 5 and sent the last batch of Alphonso to Pune on May 8.

A request to all those who have taken mangoes from us. Please give us your feedback on our service, our fruits, our arrangement, etc and on whatever you want to tell us. Do send us your comments, praises, flowers, brickbats, ATM pin, images, etc whatever you wish!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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