Our Apologies to Some Who Had Registered With Us!

Date: April 24, 2011Category: DevgadMango Updates

Dear Patrons,

We opened our order channel yesterday and notified all those who had registered with us. However, we later realized that only a few people could get the notifications on email. We take this opportunity to deeply apologize to those who did not get our notification.

We are new to the online system and we did not know certain restrictions here. We had sent emails to all those who registered, but there was an issue with the Gmail service, as we use Google Apps on our DevgadMango.com domain.

A large number of people had registered with and we sent an email to all, but Gmail blocked emails more than 100. We later learned that this service allows sending only 100 emails per day. We tried Google Groups, but that also did not let us add all those who had registered. We tried sending SMSes, but it was too cumbersome to type the numbers into the mobile phone and with the regulation of TRAI, we were blocked after 100 SMS.

We tried bulk SMS, but we were also blocked there because of the Do Not Disturb regulation.

Sorry for the inconvenience this caused you. Kindly do not carry the impression that we ignored notifying people who had shown interest beforehand!

Devgad Mango

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